4 Reasons Why More Schools Are Adopting Student Data Management Software


Student data management software enables educational institutions in their daily operations. Advances in technology have challenged many traditional administrative practices performed by schools, i.e. pen and paper and desktop applications. These archaic methods are cumbersome, with enormous staffing and time costs. In addition, access to information is often delayed.

In order to keep abreast with technology and maintain a balance between cost and operations, more schools are adopting student data management software. Why are most educational institutions opting for this tool?

Here’s why:
Effective Communication
This tool provides schools an effective way of communicating with parents. Schools are able to share and circulate information in shorter time span. Teachers would no longer have to provide parents with regular updates on their child’s progress. This software program enables parents to log in and view their child’s activities, grades, library books, participation in sports and extra-curricular activities, etc. In case of concerns, parents can address them directly with their child or concerned teacher directly.

Improves Data Storage
Schools deal with a massive amount of data on a daily basis. They need some place to store it safely and securely. Traditional systems included files, filing cabinets, hard drives and storage devices. All these take up valuable space and time, not to mention they are finite in nature.

With a student management software tool, everything is stored in cloud. This means only individuals with authorized access may obtain information. In addition, this system tracks who is accessing the information, at what time, etc. This enables senior management to keep better track of information flow.

Enhances Work Quality
Although traditional systems appear easy to use, they are subject to greater degrees of human error. Not so with a cloud-based system. With this tool, schools get more convenience. They are able to compile information, send notifications, perform necessary tasks and manage documents in an effective manner. Since the software program is doing the work for you, work quality is much better.

Efficient Tracking of Relevant Data
Apart from student grades and school participation, student data management tools also track items such as:

  • Attendance
  • Contact Information
  • Emergency/General Medical Information pertaining to the student
  • Parental Access to Student’s Accounts
  • Teacher’s Comments/Suggestions
  • Online Grade Books

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