Is A Student Data Management System Really Better Than Traditional Software?


A student data management system is cloud based. This type of software and its related information is stored remotely and accessed via the Internet. Most email service providers utilize cloud-based software.

This is an online student management system which has some clear advantages over conventional school server or installed software solutions.

How is a student data management system better than traditional software?

Here’s how:

No Additional Software Required
Student management software is delivered over the Internet and therefore the only thing required is a computer with an Internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome, etc. A majority of schools already have this feature. In addition, the software doesn’t need to be downloaded onto your computer. This presents no concerns regarding incompatibilities or minimum software requirements.

No Need to Purchase Servers
To be able to use student data management software, schools do not need to purchase servers. They can easily upload their information over servers located in a secure, offsite centre. This means information stays confidential at all times!

No Tech Support Required
Similar to the servers, we provide technical support in case of any issues. In case of any issue, simply email or call our school management technical support team.

Start Using Immediately
With no server setup or software installation, you can start using your student management software within a couple days after your purchase.

Seamless Accessibility
With a traditional school management system, you need to be at your computer to be able to access pertinent school data. With a cloud-based software program you can access school information anywhere and anytime. You may even access school data through your mobile phone or tablet. All you need is an Internet connection.

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